During the first lockdown of 2020 David developed a side gig to keep him creative and relatively sane.

He and a friend started swapping comedy scenes on WhatApp which he then edited into short films for
Instagram and Facebook

In August, a friend who directs ‘Live at The Apollo’ said, ‘I think you’ve got a business idea on your hands. You and Sarah Jane can both perform. You can definitely write. And you are shooting and editing some really sophisticated content. Why not put that all together for your clients?’

Well by Thursday that week we had our first commission.

An Irish client asked us to develop an eight-minute film for an online partner conference.

‘Make it funny. Make it informative. And make it by Monday,’ they said.

We did. They loved it. And Triple Threat Films was born.

Let’s have virtual coffee to see how our tailor made content can surprise, entertain and inform your people.