These courses range from 90-minute Bitesize Sessions to Two-Day Development Programmes and can be delivered online or face to face.

As experienced designers of role play and forum theatre scenarios, we always include practical application in any training session beyond the Bitesize.

Examples of our courses that are ready to buy off the peg are:

Building Story Powered Relationships

The shortest distance between two people is a story. This course helps your people shape and share the stories that will engage and unearth the stories that need to be told. A one-day course either in person or on-line.

Communicating in Challenging Situations

Challenging situations often arise because two or more parties are telling themselves different versions of a situational story. In this course we unpack what is going wrong and how you can make it go right. A combination of psychology and story that is applicable to internal and external situations. A one-day course either in person or on-line.

Leadership Presentation Skills

What turns an ordinary presentation into a Leadership Presentation? And why does it matter? In this one-day course we explore these questions and learn the practical skills that will take you from someone who informs to someone who inspires. A one-day course either in person or on-line.

Giving and Receiving Feedback - Up, Down and Across

We all need feedback. And we all need to give feedback. But how it is delivered and how it is received will determine if it makes any difference at all. In this course we look at the skills you need to make it work for both parties. Can be delivered on-line or in person and as a 90-minute Bitesize session or full day training with role play.

Powerful Data Storytelling

The language of business is numbers. But does that language inspire, persuade and stick? It does if we find the story behind the numbers. In this course we take the science of data and introduce it to the art of storytelling so that every presentation and meeting makes people lean in and want to know more. Can be delivered on-line or in person and as a 90-minute Bitesize session or full day training with role play.

Facilitating Story Powered Meetings

Are people rushing to get into your meetings or desperate to get out? In this one-day course we take a story-based approach to meetings that encompasses agenda setting, content creation and structure. With these skills under your belt, you will be able to steer any meeting with confidence. Can be delivered in person or on-line.

Listen So People Speak and Speak So People Listen

This is our signature two-day course that does what it says on the can. All of the story telling, conversation and performance energy skills you will need to build relationships, consult with conviction and manage any interpersonal situation. We always look to tailor the role play application to your specific needs. Can be delivered on-line or in person.

However, our real skill is getting to know your organisation and your specific needs. This allows us to tailor a programme that will combine the uniform experience of training with the personal touch of coaching.

Contact us for an exploratory call to see how we can help you stand out.

Coming Soon!
‘Becoming the Story Spotter’™

“I sentence you to 10 years hard labour!”

How would you feel?

Maybe you feel it already.

You’ll spend nearly 88,000 hours of your life at work. That’s nearly 10 years.

Do you want to flourish? Or do you want to feel like part of a chain gang cracking rocks every day.

Very soon The Story Spotters will be releasing a programme called ‘Becoming the Story Spotter’ aimed at helping you use the power of story to flourish throughout your working life.

We’ll cover four big areas.

1. The Stories We Tell Ourselves: What are your values and how can you maximise them?
2. The Stories We Tell Others: How can you engage people in a way that makes them give their attention and keep giving it?
3. The Stories Others Tell About Us: How can you use your presence so that it triggers other people to talk about you positively?
4. The Stories We Get from Others: How can you have conversations that build deep and trusted relationships?

Whether you are entering the workplace, whether you are changing jobs or whether you are moving up to leadership there will be cohorts to suit you all.

Watch this space.